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For assurance for clients, I am a BIID Registered Interior Designer® at the British Institute of Interior Design – the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK.

This membership ensures proper practice, qualifications, knowledge, insurances & professional development. For more information on the title and also really useful guidance for clients on appointing an interior designer, please see

British Institute of Interior Design registered interior designer collective mark



In case you have ANY doubts, here’s solid reasons for using an interior designer:

        • Good design and planning avoids costly mistakes.
        • Work efficiently and confidently to timings and budget.
        • Plan well.  Save time and money by planning early in the project, producing an overall design along with costs, specifications and drawings for trades to quote and work from and to make liaison between the client and trades simpler.
        • Experience avoids costly mistakes.
        • Most home owners or small businesses will only go through the process of refurbishing or creating a building once or twice – for over 12 years I have been helping clients design, plan and build their projects.  The costs for this help are not as much as you’d think and you will save yourself money by getting in the right assistance early in your project.
        • Save money and find more original finishes and furnishings.
        • An interior designer will specify furnishings that are safe to use and fit for purpose. Many clients are not aware that some domestic products are not safe to use in commercial settings, plus they don’t last nearly as long as contract furniture.  I can help you find the right items to suit your premises, in terms of aesthetics, safety and longevity.   If ready made items aren’t available, I can design it for you and and have it made.
        • A wider range of resources are available to interior designers that are not available to the general public in terms of connections and suppliers. This results in a more unique look for our clients and is surprisingly affordable in comparison too!