Cruelty Free Design

In addition to the standard services, Materialise Interiors is now able to offer clients Cruelty Free (vegan) as an option for the design and specification of their business or home interiors. It’s very easily and effectively done and Chloe will be happy to show you options as part of the design process.

Drawing from her happy 10 years working as a Retail Designer at The Body Shop International, Chloe decided to top up her knowledge on ethical design and take a course on cruelty free specifying and sourcing for interior design.

During her time at The Body Shop International, Chloe was Technical Store Designer for the Global Centre of the business. The team designed, trialled and roll-out out store, concession and kiosk concepts Globally. All materials and suppliers were carefully scrutinised, working closely with the Business Ethics team. She also learnt alot from being a ‘Values Champion’- part of the team selected across the business who ensured the company’s values were adhered to in the day-to-day running of the business.

Interior design isn’t just about people and spaces, it sadly involves animals (and tannery workers) in shockingly horrible ways. Chloe can offer Cruelty Free specifications as options to clients during the design process.

If any interior designers want to know more about the course or to share and collaborate on learnings – please get in touch.

Products or services that do not originate from any living creature.
They are not a byproduct of any animal.
The goods are not tested on animals.

leather – wool – silk – down – feathers – suede – fur – paint

Certified Cruelty Free Chloe Bullock certificate

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Materialise Interiors is based in Brighton, U.K.

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