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Real Patisserie – Trafalgar Street

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Real Patisserie – Western Road


The artisan bakery Real Patisserie has been a popular part of Brighton and Hove since first opening in the late 1990s. The company recently rebranded and took the opportunity to update their Western Road branch both inside and out.  I was asked to undertake this project and very much enjoyed the process working with their team and local tradespeople.

The shop with in-house bakery is within the Brunswick Conservation Area so the shopfront had to be designed carefully and sympathetically, but also taking the opportunity to add internal lighting to the signage and adding new a projecting sign. Both were achieved by working with Brighton and Hove Council.

The interior was reworked to better fit the space but also by observing and improving customer flow. The entrance was centralised to work better for flow. A view through to the in-house bakery given by using bread shelving with views through – adding theatre. As well as rethinking finishes and lighting, the existing refrigerated display was brought up to date with timber cladding, the hot drinks area was better situated and customer seating was improved and increased.

Working with DJ Carpentry, Kiwanda Joinery and PK Waters Sign Studio.


RealPatisserie_general counter
RealPatisserie_general interior1
RealPatisserie_bread shelves
RealPatisserie_bread shelves1
RealPatisserie_coffee area
RealPatisserie_seating and drinks area
RealPatisserie_seating area